Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Islanders let go of their radio broadcast team

Today The Islanders let go of their radio broadcast team in what has been called a cost cutting move. Steve Mears and Chris king who have been worked the radio booth together for the last 3 season were let go and next season the Isles radio broadcast will feature a TV simulcast of Billy Jaffe and Howie Rose. The simulcast which will start next season is similar to the simulcast agreement which MSG has with the Buffalo Sabres. King told Newsday’s Greg Logan that the Islanders have offered him a position in the Islanders pre and post game shows and a possibility of a full time position in the organization. Also MSG will not renew C.J Papa’s contract and no replacement has been announced (could it be Chris King?) Many fans have weighed in calling the decision sad and calling the Islanders a classes organization, Yes its sad that they lost their jobs but to the Islanders classless is a stretch. A hockey team is a business and sometimes business have to cut costs and good people loose their jobs ( especially in today’s world). They are also both professionals and know its nothing personal. Also this isn’t another sign that the Islanders are moving anywhere as some fans might speculate. Just because a team changes it’s staff up doesn’t mean they are getting ready to pack up the trucks and leave. One thing I will miss from the Mears, King broadcast was the post game shows at Doolin’s Pub, hopefully they will somehow keep that going in one way or another.

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